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Sarah Nicolls and her Inside-Out Piano in one of it's many possible positions; taken by Hugh Fox

Sarah Nicolls and her Inside-Out Piano in one of it’s many possible positions; taken by Hugh Fox

Please see Sound and Music’s Sampler for my summing-up blog on this project.

In Our Hands project
See the results here: films and writings

I connected with parents wherever my show toured to, to ask them to divulge their own stories in exchange for a FREE TICKET for the show.  This was through group chats where I filmed only our hands, or through writing, where a conversation wasn’t possible.  I wanted to talk about shared experiences of birth, the relentless chaos and exhaustion of parenting and the delight and wonder of meeting small people then watching them grow.

There were two ways to take part:

  1. In a filmed conversation with me a couple of weeks before each performance.  In the film, only hand gestures were seen, so people wouldn’t feel self conscious, and so our stories are really listened to.
  2. At the venus where we can’t manage a filmed conversation, I asked for written submissions (email address below). Because my show is about birth and discovery, I wanted to gather other people’s birth stories.  My suggested questions were:
    1. How was/were your birth experience(s)?
    2. How has becoming a parent changed your life (things you’ve found hard to deal with, the most joyous things)?
    3. Is there anything else you’d like to tell me about your experience of having children – from trying to get pregnant to getting used to having a baby around or coping as your children grow up, change, develop?

    I’m grateful to everyone who took part.  I realised I’d made a show that my new parent-friends could really relate to and I hoped that, by engaging parents in other towns, I might carry that sense of connectedness through to other audiences.



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