Ballad of a Changing World


‘Ballad of a Changing World’ is my brand new digital show: a music and text piece with cellist Maja Bugge and scientists Helen F. Wilson and Tone Reiertsen about species on the move. We learn about how Kittiwakes are moving into my hometown of Newcastle and the main town near where Maja grew up in the very North of Norway, inside the Arctic Circle. It is a poetic journey, giving you information and time to contemplate how our planet is changing, how nature is showing us that and how we, the humans, might need to adapt. This is told through Maja and I on zoom trying to make brand new cello and piano duos whilst remaining in lockdown in Lancaster and Stroud respectively. We get round it but there are some comical challenges along the way. Think warm-hearted, epic and a little educational! Book now for the online show through Cheltenham Music Festival.

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