Jan ’17 Southbank Centre residency


I was absolutely thrilled to have a residency at the Southbank Centre in January 2017.  This group residency is called Collision and was part of the Southbank Centre’s Nordic Matters Festival.  I was paired with ANNA THORVALDSDOTTIR, a composer from Iceland, and we were in residency alongside some amazing artists, as per the table below.  We were introduced to SE1 United, a young people’s group, staff at sbc and the borough of Lambeth more widely.  I went with the idea of generating thoughts around how public art might be meaningful and useful in connecting and improving lives.

The picture here is the stage of the Purcell Room, which is the first place I ever performed at the Southbank, absolutely terrified, in an audition for Park Lane Group.  I thought I’d played terribly but then got the gig and 2 months afterwards had a second concert in the Purcell Room, receiving amazing reviews and suddenly feeling like I’d “arrived”.  Strange how things can change in a short space of time.  It will be interesting to see what my next chapter with sbc is!

Julie Edel Hardenberg, Artist, Writer and Scenographer

Collaborating with…

Xiaolu Guo, Novelist and Filmmaker

Nils Bech, Singer & Performance Artist

Onoe Caponoe, Hip-Hop/Rap Artist

Anna Thorvaldsdottir, Composer

Sarah Nicolls, Pianist and Performer

Kristina Sørensen, Dancer and Choreographer

Alan Perez, Artist

Arn-Henrik Blomqvist, Theatre Director

Sabrina Mahfouz, Poet & Playwright

Mette Henriette, Saxophonist and Composer

David Shearing, Multimedia Artist

Jasper Hoiby, Bassist and Composer

Sam Steer, Animator, Illustrator and Designer

Asa Sonjasdotter, Multimedia Artist


Petri Sirviö, Choir Director

Anthony Anaxagorou, Poet and Writer

Morgan Stewart, Pianist & Vocalist


Freya Bramble-Carter, Potter & Sculptor

Tia Simon-Campbell, Photographer



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