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Inside Out Piano I

I designed and built the first inside-out piano in 2008 (at Wolstenholme Studios in Liverpool) to explore the idea of accessing the inside of the instrument as easily as the piano keyboard. It immediately gave me a whole new interface to play with and made lovely sounds. I also added gadgets such as motors and a Wii wheel and these increased the flexibility and fun I could have with the new piano. It was a rough and ready prototype built to test the idea but in the future I hoped to own a beautiful new version…  Below are some of the films or recordings of performances I’ve given on the piano.

1. Interview about the piano

2. TEDx performance, Aldeburgh 2011

3. Group project I curated, 2010

4. Playing at the Roundhouse, Camden

5. With Tim Exile at the Bluecoat, Liverpool

6. Same, part two