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‘Belonging Here’ with Becca Ellson: an intimate yet large-scale music and text collaboration with the audience’s own stories

My installation ‘Body Clock’ commissioned by Brighton Festival and Home Live Art

BODY CLOCK – Introduction to an installation from Sarah Nicolls on Vimeo.

BBC Radio 3 Wellcome Collection (Sept 2016)

Here’s the theatre show I made with my piano. Watch complete here or below is a 20-minute edit where there’s ONE CRUCIAL LINE missing: just before I swing the piano, I do explain that Stan woke up the next day having pulled out his tubes and started breathing on his own…

Moments of Weightlessness: 20 minute edit from Sarah Nicolls on Vimeo.

I focused on live or interactive electronics 2006-2011 and below are some examples of works I played during this time.  The text for my PhD ‘Interacting with the piano’, which covers most of these projects, can be read on the ‘Writings’ tab of this website.