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Welcome to my new project, Musical Activism. Thanks to Arts Council England for their support!

In a nutshell, I’m asking what I – as a musician – can do to respond to the headline that we have 12 years to save the planet (IPCC Special Report, 2018). I’m making a new ‘eco-recital’ which I’ll be performing at City University, London on 12th March and in Galway, Ireland on 29th March (yup, PIANO DAY is the same day as Brexit.. for now, anyway!).

A piano recital about climate change from Sarah Nicolls on Vimeo.

Listen below to Episode 1 of my new podcast: ‘The Musical Activist’ with Professor Julia Steinberger and read loads of great references (click here).

Below is the first track in which we hear our main characters and the first track I made. The playlist will be released shortly after the premiere recital. Thanks for your interest and please tell me what you think of it all. If you want to chat, Twitter is my all-time favourite medium: find me here. My facebook page is here.

I have some amazing mentors for this project. They are:

Writer/director Nic Mills has been passionate about story since childhood. Having worked across many narrative forms she is drawn to projects that provoke thought and inspire change. A graduate of the National Film and Television School her award winning shorts have travelled the world at major festivals. She’s an alumni of the acclaimed Binger Film Lab, the Torino Film Lab, Guiding Lights and Sheffield Documentary Festival’s Devise to Deliver. Nicola is currently developing a gender-bending thriller for TV, a music biopic feature film and is the story writer on Kylie Minogue’s up-coming UK tour. Nic has helped me pull together the entire structure, helped with details of script and character and also commented on how the music and text interplay.

Inika Taylor is a MET Office Climate Scientist and part of an impressive team. The Climate Impacts Modelling (CIM) group are a team of scientists who work with and develop integrated models for assessing climate change impacts. The team focuses on climate change and agriculture, water resources and health and are part of the Earth System and Mitigation Science Team. Inika and I have found a strong, common passion about communicating climate science, both more urgently but also more artfully, so as to reach the broadest and largest possible audience. The MET Office want to actively support this work and have allowed Inika to consult for me directly. Inika has taught me about the enormity of Climate Change.

A and E Comedy are helping me discover extra opportunities for humour and character development. Their show ‘Enter the Dragons’ is a “frank, funny and fearless look at the subject of female ageing, examining the concerns and societal pressures that surround women as they pass fifty.” They won Best of Brighton Fringe 2017 and Guardian Best Show of Edinburgh Fringe in 2018. Broadway Baby said “They marry hilarity and sincerity with such remarkable precision, it had the audience in both fits of laughter and heartfelt tears.” I found it moving and hilarious, an intelligent and skilled call to arms.

Atlanta Cook has recently launched and funded the Beacon Hub Brighton ecoeducation & visitor centre. She is an Honorary Life Member of Surfers Against Sewage and a Marine Conservations Society ‘Sea Champion’. She has an exemplary track record of successful campaigns and over 25 years experience of campaigning for environmental and community projects. She frequently gives talks on becoming plastic-free. She has been helping me to formulate the language that might compel audiences to act. This isn’t straightforward campaigning, as it is embedded within a fictional story in an arts context, but Atlanta has given me the tools to try using impactful language within this context. She has also shared her own perspective, which has been deeply valuable: how do campaigners actually feel?