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Welcome to my new project, Musical Activism. Thanks to Arts Council England for their support! In a nutshell, I’m asking what I – as a musician – can do to respond to the headline that we have 12 years to save the planet (IPCC Special Report, 2018). I’m making a new ‘eco-recital’ which I’ll be performing at City University, London on 12th March and in Galway, Ireland on 29th March (yup, PIANO DAY is the same day as Brexit.. for now, anyway!).

Listen above to my brand new podcast: ‘The Musical Activist’. Episode 1 was with Professor Julia Steinberger and has loads of great references (click here). I’ll be uploading a new page on the amazing mentors that I have with me on my journey and below is the first of the sounds that I’m developing in the project.

Thanks for your interest and please tell me what you think of it all. If you want to chat, Twitter is my all-time favourite medium: find me here. My facebook page is here.

Greenland Ice Melting – Track in progress – Draft 1