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12 Years

Piano Day 2019 poster

This is my response to the IPCC Special Report, 2018, where we were told that we had 12 years to radically change our behaviour to save the planet. My 12 tracks divide into reality – actual headlines and real people like Greta Thunberg and David Wallace-Wells talking about climate breakdown – and fiction – where 3 characters talk to each other on the phone about their lives. There also a couple of wordless tracks, one of a glacier melting and one about hope in the face of such huge news. I wanted to make a recital to give an audience time and space to think about the issue and to leave the room with a sense of what could be done, a trajectory of hope.

Belonging Here

A collaboration of music and text, your anonymous answers to our questions are gathered and projected live: your intimate hopes, fears and memories are publicly shared and cradled by the piano’s responsive tones and rhythms.

Belonging Here Credit: Ian Wallman

Moments of Weightlessness

“See this monumental piano in surprising motion, hear the beautiful melodies and textures of Sarah’s piano-songs mixed with stories of creativity, and contemplate the moments of life where everything seems to stand still.”

Moments Credit: William Fallows