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Setup your Chromecast Ultra on Google Chrome and stream to your TV

Chromecast is one of the digital media player developed by the Google. Its first generation was released on 24th July 2013. It enables users having mobile devices or desktops to initiate and control playback of audio or video content on a smart HD television through web apps and mobile apps that support the Google cast technology. Chromecast Setup on Chrome works on devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phone, and tablet. With this, you can easily control your television from anywhere in your home. It requires a TV with HDMI port, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a compatible mobile device. It works with apps that are cast enabled.

As said the first generation was announced on 24 July 2013, the second generation called Chromecast Audio was released in September 2015. Then a model named as Chromecast Ultra that supports high resolution was released in November 2016.

There are two methods to stream content one by using mobile and web apps that support the Google cast technology and the another one uses mirroring of content from Google Chrome running on compatible devices. For using Chromecast you need to tap the cast button to see content on the big screen.

For this, you need to open a cast enabled app on your device. Find videos to play then tap the cast button in a Cast-enabled app and control it right from your device.

If no content is displayed then it displays a “content called “Backdrop” that can include photos, news or weather kind of content.


Chromecast uses Dongle using which we connect the device USB port to the external power supply or USB port.

Chromecast is plugged into HDMI port of TV. Then Chromecast connects to the Internet.

Chromecast Audio

It allows you to stream the audio from your phone. It streams the audio from androids device and works with apps from iPhone or iPad. With this, you can listen to songs downloaded on your device with better sound quality.

Chromecast ultra

It supports the streaming of 4K resolution content on your High Definition television. Moreover, it has an Ethernet port attached and improved internal components which makes video run faster.

It is for those who want to send the video from their device and view it on their HD television. It works with popular apps like Netflix, YouTube and Google Play which allows you to choose you to choose your favorite movie or a TV show. It is designed to keep video resolution high and buffering low.

So this was all about Chromecast, its features its design and specifications. As we can see that the technology has advanced so much that we now view the videos played on phones or tablets on our television. This is where Chromecast is used.

Not only one can play videos but also you can play games on your mobile on to television. Chromecast ultra is much advanced than Chromecast audio as it can play video along with audio. And we can also see that it works with Cast-enabled apps.

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