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10am-5pm: workshops with Tom Bugs and STEIM then at 5pm the FESTIVAL OPENS to the public.  See the installations, check out the Open Space (details soon), have a drink and something to eat, meet some artists and get into the BEAM vibe…


Line up:

  • Stelarc with Lore Lixenberg 
  • Alex Nowitz
  • DJ Sniff
  • Ryan Jordan
  • Chikashi Miyama

dj sniff



Workshops throughout the day – see below

11am – 1pm Pecha Kucha session

meet the artists, hear them speak, get into a debate and generally mingle

1-3pm: Chill out at the Sonic Picnic

3pm: Richard Craig & Lore Lixenberg – flute, voice + live electronics, music by Brunel staff: Christopher Fox, Harald Muenz, Carl Faia & the premiere of an extract of John Croft’s opera

5pm: performances in the Open Space

7pm: Evening event starts – line up includes:


Leafcutter John

Sarah Angliss

Philip Jeck

11pm get ready to sleepover… with Music for sleeping & waking minds (this event is ONLY open to people with festival passes or *both* Saturday and Sunday day passes)


John Richards Dirty Electronics (buy tickets here) 11am-1pm and continuing 2-4pm

Ryan Jordan Psychedelic Synth Goggles 2-6pm

Sarah Angliss Music from Motion 4-5pm

AVR micro-controllers with Chikashi Miyama 4-5.30pm

Running all day:
Simon Katan’s For your ears only
Ray Lee’s Ethometric Museum and other installations
Open Space



Chill out, eat sausages (or whatever you fancy), recover from the night and learn from SARC’s crack team of sensor wizards about what happened last night…

11am Trio Scordatura with Anne La Berge

Pioneering flautist Anne La Berge teams up with Amsterdam-based Trio Scordatura (led by Brunel’s own Bob Gilmore) to present intense instrument + live electronics music

12pm Be shocked into action by Tim Exile, interface virtuoso and vocalist, no doubt stealing some of your sounds to bring our main space to life

1pm Lunch and your LAST CHANCE to see the installations!

2pm-4pm MASSED ORCHESTRA: the grand finale of BEAM
This is your chance to perform.  Leafcutter John will lead us on an improvised adventure of graphic scores whilst we put Dirty Electronics next to Bugbrand W.O.M.s next to Crackleboxes next to whatever you made/brought/invented during the weekend…



On Friday daytime we have two intensive workshops with STEIM and TOM BUGS, then at 5pm the festival opens to all and this is a good time to see the installations (for example, Ray Lee‘s beguiling and intimate Ethometric Museum) and to start checking out the BEAM OPEN CALL WORKS.  We’ll kick off the performances with an incredible evening gig: STELARC + Jennifer Walshe’s world premiere duo starts our journey, followed by Chikashi Miyama, DJ Sniff, Ryan Jordan and Wii controller master Alex Nowitz.  Saturday has more workshops (most are free) and discussions, performances and games and another mind-bendingly good evening line-up including Atau Tanaka + Adam Parkinson, Sarah Angliss, Leafcutter John, Philip Jeck and finally the totally blissful Music for Sleeping from the Biomuse team as a SLEEPOVER!  Yes, everyone in their sleeping bags!  On Sunday we’ll wake you up with a FESTIVAL BREAKFAST then Tim Exile will appear to throw some virtuosic musical shapes, energising us for the final Play and Display session on Sunday, where everyone can perform in a massed orchestra of strange electronic boxes, under the watchful guidance of musical genius Leafcutter John.