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In Our Hands – Brighton

In Our Hands


Before beginning the tour of In Our Hands, I decided to have a first conversation with Maggie Gordon-Walker, who runs Mothers Uncovered in Brighton. MU is a long-established group, supporting mums through conversation, writing, improvisation, performance, to work through their experiences of birth and motherhood. Meeting Maggie has been brilliant and inspiring: she is so energetic and generous and shares my view that more women should surely be having a better time doing something entirely natural like give birth. We share an ambition to empower women to feel like they are supported in their choices and also supported much more afterwards, to be able to talk to the professionals who looked after them. So many women are left feeling frankly quite rubbish after birth (and I’m not even talking about the physical symptoms) and this can lead to many women having postnatal depression on different levels of intensity. I personally didn’t suffer that but I was bothered by my birth experience and the dangerous situation it produced. And when I hear directly from other women about their experiences, I feel very sad and like surely women should just be trusted more? My second birth, I basically decided I was in charge and it was such a ludicrously exhilarating experience, to just be able to birth without orders but with support. The picture of me after giving birth to Sylvie is hilarious: I don’t think my smile could have been wider or more manic without my ears popping off the side of my head! I feel incredibly lucky to have had that experience and would love it to be much more widely the experience that women have, starting the completely life-changing journey of becoming a parent.

Here’s our chat:

In Our Hands 1 from Sarah Nicolls on Vimeo.

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