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A selection of Sarah’s recent works: all using her self-designed vertical grand piano, the pieces range between music, theatre and installation.

2018 – Album 2: Daylight Music Special – About

2017 – Performance/installation: Belonging Here – About

Commissioned by OCM and Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; contact OCM for bookings.

2016 – Album 1: We’re inside and outside – About

2015 – Theatre show: Moments of Weightlessness – About

Pushing, turning on its side and swinging my Inside-Out grand piano, telling the story of making pianos and becoming a mum. Devised show with live music. Full performance here.


2015 – Installation: Body Clock

A perpetually swinging piano in a piece about time and the female body.  Skip to 3′ for an excerpt of the piece.


2014, 2008, ongoing: Inside-Out Piano – About

I invented this vertical grand piano to make playing ‘inside the piano’ (i.e. on the strings) more comfortable and to let the audience see more easily. We’re planning to make a lightweight, portable version with Innovate UK funding.