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THE INSIDE OUT PIANO Sunday 29th March 2020 at 3pm

This very special online performance AT THIS LINK is hosted by Turner Sims Southampton, Sarah Nicolls and The Isolation Room at the day and time above. Please find programme notes, films to watch afterwards, the handout and more at THIS LINK.

To mark International Piano Day, experience the piano like never before: strummed like a guitar, singing like a whale and even swinging in mid-air!

Pianist and composer Sarah Nicolls invented her Inside-Out Piano so that she could play its strings more easily. This is a grand piano whose strings run straight upwards from the keyboard, shaped so that the audience see into the instrument: the guts and moving parts are literally on show. Sarah plucks and strums the strings, plays harmonics, works with objects like glass and rubber balls to excite the strings and uses the whole body of the piano like a drum.

Hear familiar melodies in new ways, and discover this much-loved instrument afresh.

Suitable for age 5+
Running time: 45mins