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Achieving a financial goal is always a dream for any person, everyone wants to live comfortably so they find options to earn more and more. Also everyone wants to earn from their earning. Seeing the demand of the person the market evolved itself and so that everyone finds an option to earn. And hence several new terms like consumers, investors came in market. When we talk about investors, they are defined as a group of people who invests in the market so that they can make profit from it. Seeing the demand of the investors the market is developed for everyone, the various forms of investment are mutual fund investment, forex investment, buying stocks in market, etc. The most efficient form of investment is mutual fund investment because if you are having basic knowledge of it you can make reasonable profit from, also the chances of getting a loss is less as compared to other form of investment. If market is not in your favor then also you can get a less but steady income. Depending on the demands it is further divided into various other forms such EQUITY MUTUAL FUND, DEBT MUTUAL FUND, LIQUID MUTUAL FUNDS, etc. Each having its own specification.


We know market is for all, also for them who wants to save for their future i.e. for their post retirement period. Usually in this competitive environment we look for present comfort zone and hence ignoring the future. Usually many of the investors are unaware of these type of schemes or having very less knowledge about the same. And hence the post retirement schemes despite being so efficient and healthy are ignored. Of all the mutual fund there is a name called ELSS (Equity linked saving schemes) which is known for its tax-efficiency and post retirement help. It is usually defined as a long term equity fund investment with a lock in period of 3 years and is categorized under mutual funds, in this mutual fund most of the investment is done in equities or equities related products. For young earner it is always difficult to save for future, this scheme helps to save a tax as well helps to increase the wealth.

To use scheme proper study of the subject and then proper planning is necessary otherwise it can be harmful also. Some steps should be followed and those steps are as follows.


This is a diversified form of mutual fund scheme and have a lock in a period of 3- years. After 3 years the scheme gets matured and then it is termed as “open ended schemes”, means you can now withdraw your money. This type of investment is for long term goals so instead of withdrawing, keep that money invested. Equity related schemes need time to perform, so it is good to invest in this scheme every year. Keep investing for 5 years before your retirement. This will decrease the risk of getting a loss.

Everyone have some daily expense and several other types of expenses so it is not possible to invest all the money they earn. So a question arise how much to save for this investment and how to plan for this.


  • Check your daily expense and record that data for analysis.
  • Reduce this expense by 5%.
  • Calculate the no of year you have left for the retirement.
  • It’s time to calculate how much you can actually save and invest that in funds till your retirement.
  • It’s never easy to choose the right ELSS, as there are various forms of ELSS which makes things quite a bit complicated. It will be good if the investment is diversified i.e. the investment is done in some of the forms of ELSS.


Two major form of investment is Growth and dividend. Investment can be done through various methods but the most effective form is SIP or Lump sum. In this form of investment the investor needs to invest a fixed money before a specified date. Advantage of this form of investment is that it isolates you from ups and downs of the market and your amount is averaged.

Minimum investment is up to 500 and the upper limit of the investment can go up to any limit. But point to consider here is that the maximum tax saving ceiling is 1, 50,000 per year.

The lock in period of ELSS is 3 years, after that we should keep an eye on that i.e. keep reviewing that. If the investment is still productive there is no problem in further investment. Also compare the funds return with its benchmark return. If that investment is unable to beat its benchmark return for a continuous period of time try to remove it from your portfolio. Try to explore more and more so that you can more things in your portfolio.


Lower lock in period as compared to PPF which is having a lock in period of 15 years. It gives 2 times more interest rate than other form. ELSS gives higher return as well as is negligibly taxable. This form of investment is easy to track, easy to invest and is paperless.

Some of the popular ELSS available in market are

  • Reliance tax saver fund
  • DSP Blackrock tax saver fund
  • Axis long term equity fund
  • SBI magnum Tax gain scheme
  • ICICI prudential Long term equity fund


ELSS is best form of investment when it comes to retirement plan and tax saving and this is the reason why it is gaining popularity. It invests the money in equity shares of the company in various capitalization form i.e. large cap, medium cap and small cap. This form of investment helps in wealth building with lower lock in period. Also the SIP form of investment prevent you from ups and down of the market. So ELSS helps in achieving the financial goal in the most efficient manner and can should be proffered by all of them who want to secure their post retirement period.

Halo Board Electric Skateboard Reviews

Completing amidst the pack, the Carbon Fiber release of the Halo Board was generally unremarkable when contrasted with the gathering of boards that we have investigated. It is a strong center engine board with a respectable range and is decently rapid, yet battles with the more extreme slopes and doesn’t have the best brakes. We likewise observed the client support to be not as much as accommodating. The majority of this, joined with its exceptional value, make it difficult to prescribe this board over its rivals.

Execution Comparison

To rank electric skateboards and see which one proved to be the best, we concocted a thorough arrangement of tests, isolated among six weighted rating measurements. These were: Speed, Range, Hills, Ride, Build, and Braking, each getting weight corresponding to its significance. Each board got a general score from 0-100 in view of its appearing in every one of these measurements, with the accompanying areas itemizing how the Halo Board performed and why it scored how it did and also get the halo board coupons from this website which will be useful for you.


Gaining the most weight out of the majority of our rating measurements, Speed was of foremost significance in our test. This metric made up 25% of the aggregate score, with the Halo Board conveying a tolerable appearing, justifying a 7 out of 10 for its endeavors. We tried both the increasing speed of each board and also its best speed, to decide the score in this metric.

The board felt somewhat shaky at its best speed, wobbling marginally, yet not giving us undue reason for concern.

Nonetheless, this model couldn’t convey its best level execution into the second trial of this metric: Acceleration. The Halo Board Carbon was about normal, taking around 5.17 seconds to finish our 50′ test track when beginning from a stop — fundamentally more than the 3.17 seconds of the best model.


Positioning second to speed, our Range metric assumes acknowledgment for the following biggest bit of the general score — 20%. We looked at to what extent each board endured on level ground with a conservative riding profile and in addition to what extent it took each board to charge. Our analyzer is a normal estimated, 6′ grown-up male, so lighter riders may make it further and heavier riders a shorter separation, however the general positioning of boards ought to stay predictable. The Halo Board Carbon again conveyed a strong execution in this metric, winning a 7 out of 10 for its execution.


Following Range, Ride included the following biggest segment of the aggregate score, assuming liability for 20% of the aggregate score. This metric comprised of assessing and contrasting how agreeable each board is with the ride, how well it took care of the uneven and harsh landscape, sudden splits, and which board we were by and large attracted to. The Halo Board Carbon didn’t especially inspire us in this arrangement of tests, gaining a 5 out of 10 for its generally dull execution.

This board did not deal with splits in the street well by any means. It was a to a great degree shaking background to hit a break with any kind of speed on this board. This board is additionally very appalling at crossing rough landscape. It’s an extraordinarily rough ride if the street isn’t superbly smooth and is certainly not an exceptionally charming knowledge. In any case, this board is very agreeable to ride on level ground, with a strong stage. In general, we were sensibly attracted to this board and would pick it on a semi-visit premise — in the event that we knew the street was smooth.


Our Hills metric records for 15% of the aggregate score, and consistent with its name evaluated the ability of each board at climbing slopes. We went up progressively more extreme slopes until the point that the board could never again influence it to up at a sensible speed, utilizing the most extreme review of slope moved to decide the score. The Halo Board Carbon didn’t do especially well, winning a 4 out of 10 for it’s not as much as stellar execution.

This model made it up a 10% review, yet scarcely. It would just make it up this slope on the off chance that we hit it at speed, neglecting to make it up to anything more extreme than around 3.5% review from a halt in our tests. This is generously not as much as the producer’s asserted slope climbing capacity. At the point when reached about this, we were told our board must not have been charged. Our tests were directed subsequent to permitting the board a lot of time to totally charge, so we are as yet sitting tight for a clarification of this error. Until further notice, however, you might need to consider an elective alternative in the event that you are anticipating heading up soak slopes with your board.


Next up is our Build metric, representing 10% of the aggregate score. We looked at how much each board gauged, how the remote felt in your grasp, how responsive the board was to directions from the remote, regardless of whether the board had regenerative braking, lastly, how responsive and supportive the client benefit is for each board. The Halo Board didn’t do awfully well, procuring a 5 out of 10 for its no matter how you look at it normal form.

How to change your LiteBlue USPS Password?

Changing LiteBlue USPS Password is simple with our sorted out instructional exercise. Overlooked your Liteblue USPS Password? at that point check this guide.

We as a whole realize that the USPS is the biggest postal administration in America. It offers administrations to the entire country and reveals more than 600,000 representatives in it. To deal with every one of their administrations, the representatives approach the uncommon entryway of LiteBlue USPS. In this post here. we will give the points of interest on How to change your LiteBlue USPS Password in the instance of rolling out the improvements whenever overlooked or readily.

The United States Postal Services (USPS) is immense and in this way has its own worker’s correspondence entryway where every one of the administrations identifying with the representative and their activity is put. It is a fundamental asset where points of interest identifying with work, compensation, advantages, and retirement designs are set.

There are different reasons as o why the client may wish to change his/her LiteBlue USPS Password. That is the reason we will give the depiction on the best way to transform it utilizing this post here. Experience the points of interest and ventures of the same as giving.

Change LiteBlue USPS Password

As we let you know, each representative of the USPS is furnished with the transitory secret key and qualifications by means of the post(mail) or email through the division. The clients can later change the offered secret key to some other as reasonable to them. There can be numerous reasons concerning why a client would want to change a secret phrase. It might be on account of the client may have overlooked the secret phrase, or he/she may feel that the secret phrase has been endangered by another person.

Subsequently, because of whatever reason, we trust you are here to comprehend the methodology to change the LiteBlue USPS Password. There are two different ways by which the clients can get to the secret key change choices. Experience the points of interest of each as depicted here beneath;

Strategy 1: You can get to the secret phrase change convention by essentially getting to the login page of the USPS and carry on from that point. Here are the means to trail achieving the LiteBlue USPS login page.

You will see the squares to enter the Employee ID and USPS Password there.

Underneath these alternatives, there is a tab named “Overlooked Your Password?” that you should choose.

On clicking this, you will achieve the confirmation page where you will initially need to enter your EIN (Employee Identification Number). This number is critical to get to a few changes to your record.

Note: This benefit is just pertinent to the nationals of USA who are representatives of the USPS. On the off chance that any unapproved individual is recognized making endeavors to get to the entryways then lawful activity will be caused to the client.

When you have entered the points of interest on the page, select “Proceed with” alternative there.

Another window with directions on the password change will show up. The servers will give a connection to your checked email address with the goal that it will lead you to the secret word reset page.

There, you should type the new secret key and affirm it again before at last setting it.

Technique 2: You can straightforwardly get to the entry for the secret phrase reset on the web. Use this connect here to reach there and afterward take after the guidelines beneath;

On achieving the page, you should enter your Username for the record.

The servers will coordinate your given subtle elements with the present record postings and give you the email check interface.

Access your email inbox and select the connection gave there.

At that point, the clients will have the capacity to get to the secret phrase reset alternative effectively.